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Welcome to my web site detailing
 Memorabilia from The 1916 Easter Rising, its Prelude and Aftermath.
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1916 Medals
    The 1916 Easter Rising Combatants Medal
    The 1966 Easter Rising survivors Medal
    Miniature 1916 and Comrac medals
    The 1916 Combatants Armband
    1916 Certificate

1916 Publications (From the Irish)
    The Proclamation
    The half page Proclamation
    Irish War News

1916 Publications (From the English)
    Travel passes
    Announcement By the Lord Lieutenant.
    Military Operations against The Rebels
    Unconditional Surrender Of the Rebel Forces.
    Regulations to be Observed under Martial Law
    Royal Proclamation, Easter 1916
    Martial Law in Ireland, Easter 1916
    General Maxwell's' Ultimatum

Post 1916 publications
    Dublin After the Six Days Insurrection
    The Rebellion In Dublin April 1916
    The "Sinn Féin" Revolt
    Dublin & The Sinn Féin Rising
    The '98 Songbook
    The 1916 Songbook
    The Catholic Bulletin

Pension Applications
    1934 Pension application accompanying letter
    The "Determination of Active Service"
    Award Certificate

Comrades' Associations
    Irish Citizen Army Stephens Green
    Easter Week Commemoration Concert

The Irish War Of Independence
    1919-1921 Service Medal (Black & Tan)
   1921-1971(50 year survivors) medal
    "H" Company Certificate

    O'Donovan Rosa
    Fenian Bonds
    Fenian Carte de visite
    The Police Gazette, or Hue-and-Cry

1916 Postcards
    Powel Press Postcards
    J. J. Walsh Postcards
    Valentine Postcards
    Daily Sketch (Eason's) Postcards
    Heley's Limited Postcards

Fianna Eireann
    Medal issued on the 50th anniversary
    Fianna Éireann Certificate
    Handbook by Countess de Markievicz
    The 1959 Golden Jubilee

Home rule
    Anti home Rule Postcards
    Irish Party M.P. Postcards

Irish Volunteers
    Recruiting Posters
    First Meeting
    Membership Card
    Mobilisation Order

Sinn Fein
    Membership Card
    Election Leaflets
Royal Visits 
    1849 Royal Visit

    Visit of H. M. Queen Victoria to Ireland 1900
    The 1900 visit to Ireland Medal
    The 1903 Visit To Belfast Medal
    1911 Visit To Ireland Medal

Roll Of honour
    Who was where in Easter Week

Cumann na mBann

    Inghinidhe na hÉireann
    Irish Volunteers dependent Fund
    Irish National Aid association
    Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependent Fund

Irish Citizen Army
    Join The Citizen Army Now


1966 & the 50th anniversary
    Newspaper Supplements

    The Spark
    The Workers Republic
    The Irish Volunteer
    Fianna Fail
    Sinn Féin
    The nation
    Irish Freedom
    An t-Oglach

    Internment Notice

Civil War
    Constitution of The Free State
    Poblacht na hÉireann
    An Saorstat: The Free State

Emergency Period (WW2)
    The Emergency Period Medals
    Emergency Period Certificate

World War One
    The National Defence Fund
    Recruitment Posters

Fianna Fail
    Membership Card
    National Policy

First Dáil
    First Dáil Permit
    Second Dáil admission

Michael Collins
    Memorial Mass card (Irish)
    Memorial Mass card English
    Michael Collins & Arthur Griffith Publication
    Michael Collins & Arthur Griffith Postcards

Ulster & Unionism
    Solemn League & Covenant

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