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Inghinidhe na hÉireann (Daughters of Ireland)
was formed in 1900 by a group of Nationalist women. The aim of this organization was complete independence for Ireland, the popularization of goods of Irish manufactured , the revival of the Irish language and restoration of Irish customs , games, music, and dancing. Twenty nine woman attended the first meeting and elected five vice presidents including Jennie Wyse Power.
Cumann na mBan (Women's League) was formed in April 1913
In 1913, a number of women decided to hold a meeting in Wynne's Hotel for the purpose of discussing the possibility of forming an organization for women who would work in conjunction with the recently formed Irish Volunteers. On April 4, 1914 Cumann na mBan was launched at a meeting held in the Pillar Room in the Mansion House. The first branch was named the Ard Chraobh, which held their meetings in Brunswick Street, before and after the 1916 Easter Rising.
Bean Na h-Eireann
Bean Na h-Eireann  (The newspaper of Cumann na mBan)
Cumn Na mBann badge Cumann Na mBan badge

The 1919-1921war of independence medals and 1971 medals are sometimes seen with a brooch attached to the ribbon in the form of a rifle with the letters ' C NA MB . The women’s branch of the old-IRA, who were denied a separate medal and later created their own unofficial insignia..The bar from the "c" to the "b" is missing on this example.
Cumn Na mBann badge Another Example of the badge
This example is the more common version 
Constitution Of Cumann Na mBann Constitution Of Cumann Na mBan
Cumann na mBan and fundraising
Irish Volunteers Dependent Fund Collecting Card
Irish Volunteers Dependent Fund Collecting Card
The Irish Volunteer Dependents Fund Collecting was founded by Sorcha McMahon Áine Ceannt and Kathleen Clarke to raise fund s for the families of the 2,500 imprisoned or dead volunteers. Although all three of these founders were members of Cumann na mBan ,the officers at he top f this organization went outside this group in recognition of the weakness of Cumann na mBan representation over all over the country. When the IVDF first cheques were signed by John R. Reynolds, a GPO volunteer who had escaped arrest , he was ordered to leave the country by the British military. From this point on all fundraising fell on female hands.
Irish National Aid Association
Irish National Aid Association
The Irish National Aid association The Irish National Aid association was founded by influential women , men & clerics This organization was much more widespread than the I.V.D.F and had the support of the Roan Catholic clergy. The inspector General of the RIC reported in July 1916 that this organization was more successful by a multiple of nine .than the I.V.D.F.
Irish National Aid & volunteers Dependent fund.
Irish National Aid & volunteers Dependent fund.
In September of 1916 the above organizations were amalgamated at the instigation of two American delegates J.A. Murphy & J. Gill who brought to Ireland a cheque for £5,000 collected in New York.
Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependents Fund
Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependents Fund Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependents' Fund
Cumann Na mBann First Aid certificate   Cumann Na mBan First Aid certificate 
Uniform Of Cumann Na mBann  Uniform Of Cumann Na mBan 
PS thanks to Caitlín for help with the Irish spelling.
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