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 Memorabilia from The 1916 Easter Rising, its Prelude and Aftermath.
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All the following Flash / Ribbon colours are copied kindly from which was written by Michael Schulcz
1916 Easter Rising (An Bonn 1916)

1916 Medal An Bonn 1916 (34 mm)

 Survivors Medal 50th Anniversary. 1966

The War Of Independence 1917 to 1921 (An Bonn Seirbhíse)
The War of Independence Service Medal  An Bonn Seirbhíse 1917-1921 (34 mm)
The Truce Commemorative Medal Survivors Medal 50th Anniversary. 1971

The Military Medal for Gallantry An Bonn Míleata Calmachta  

1st class "with Honour"

2nd class "with Distinction"

3rd class "with Merit"

The Distinguished Service Medal (An Bonn Seirbhíse Dearscna)

1st class with Honour"
2nd class with Distinction"
3rd class with Merit"
Scott Medal for Valour Garda Síochana
1st class with "Honour"
2nd class with "Distinction"
3rd class with "Merit"

Permanent Defence Forces  Service Medal (An Bonn Seirbhíse)

10 years service
15 years service

The Military Star

Army Good Conduct Medal

Reserve Forces (An Bonn Seirbhíse)

7 years Service Medal
12 years Service Medal

1939-1946 The Emergency Service Medal (An Bonn Seirbhíse Éigeandála)

Defence Forces (Na Fórsaí Cosanta)
Local Defence Force (An Fórsa Cosanta Aituil)
2nd Line Volunteer Reserve (Forsa Na Noglach 2ú Line)
26th Battalion (26u Cathlán)
Naval Service (An Slua Muiri)
The Chaplaincy Service (An Seirbhís Seiplíneachta)
Army Nursing Service (Seirbhis Altranais An Airm)
Volunteer Aid Division (of the) Irish Red Cross (Ranna Cabhair Deontaca Cumann Croise Deirge Na h-Éireann )
First Aid Division (Ranna Cead-Cabhrac Cumann Croise Deirge Na h-Éireann)  
Air Raid Precautions Organisation Na (Seirbhise Reamhcuraim In Aghaidh Aer-Ruathar)
Local Security Forces (Na Caomhnoiri Aitiula)
Merchant Marine Medal (An tSeirbhis Mhuir-Tractala)

Civil Medal for Bravery, (An Bonn Gniomh Gaile)

Civil Medal for Bravery, gold

David Hughs , Dolphins barn station  
Civil Medal for Bravery, bronze
Irish Red Cross (Cumann Croise Deirge Na h-Éireann)

President's Medal Bonn Uachtaráin Na h-Éireann

Irish Red Cross Medal of Merit

Irish Red Cross Medal 25 yrs. 1st type

Irish Red Cross Medal 25 yrs. 2nd  type

Irish Red Cross Service Medal 40 years

Irish Red Cross Service Medal 50 years

Irish Red Cross Golden Jubilee Medal

International Veterans Medal
Organisation of Ex-Servicemen

Organisation of Ex-Servicemen Service Medal 1981 (Bonn Seirbhise iar Óglaigh Naisunta Na h-Éireann  1981)

Organisation of Ex-Servicemen Limerick Treaty 300th Anniversary Medal 1991

United Nations Medals

Peace Keeping Forces with UN (An Bonn Chsantoiri Siochana)


Helpcruiser LIBAU Medal Auxillary Cruiser

Merchant Marine Medal An Tseirbhis Mhuir-Tractala

Medal for Gallantry for Saving Life at Sea
Irish UN Veterans Association Service Medal
Commissioner of Irish Lights, dad is Liam Dodd
Frank Pelly : bailey museum 087-6847825

Commissioner of Irish Lights Gold Medal for Valour

Commissioner of Irish Lights Medal for Meritorious Conduct, silver
Garda Síochana

Police Long Service Medal Seirbhis Fháda Garda SIochana

Police Golden Jubilee Medal Jubaile Órga Garda Síochana

  Millennium Medal
Police Medal for UN Service in Namibia Peace Keeping Service Garda Siochana
Civil Defence

Civil Defence Special Olympics Medal 2003

Civil Defence Service in Lourdes Medal

Civil Defence Service Medal 10 years

Civil Defence Service Medal 20 years

Civil Defence Service 50th Anniversary Medal (purchasablefrom the officers association.

Fire Brigade : Fire services Council, Customs house, 8744760.
Las Fallon, Dolphins barn (expert) C Watch 4542666
20 years long service Fire Brigade Medal
  Bravery Medal 1930's : Leslie Crows dad, Phibsborough: 4 issued

Service with UN Forces 1945-1995


The Royal House of Connaught Lam Croga Eirinn


UN, NATO and EU Overseas Service

Prison Officers Medal
Medals of the Malta Ambulance Corps
John Igoe 6140031 Wednesday 6th @ 12.00
The Long Service Medal 20 yrs
 The Long Service Medal 10 yrs
Gold Medal of Merit
Silver Medal of Merit
Bronze Medal of Merit
Order of Malta Ireland Long Service award Pilgrimage to Lourdes
Holy Year in Rome

Papal Visit in Ireland Medal John Paul II

Holy Year in Rome
Holy Year in Rome
Lourdes Service Medal 1991

Golden Jubilee Medal 1938-1988 50th Anniversary of Founding the Ambulance Corps

Papal Duty in Poland Given to Corps members for first aid service at the VI.meeting of the Holy Father with the Youth of the World 1991 in Poland

Order of Malta Corps, The St. John's Ambulance Brigade and the Irish Red Cross: Special Olympics World Games Ireland 2003

Cadet 50 years Medal 1999

Order of Malta Ambulance Corps, Service Medals
10 Years
20 Years
30 Years
40 Years
50 Years

St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland Service Medal


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