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Welcome to my web site detailing
 Memorabilia from The 1916 Easter Rising, its Prelude and Aftermath.
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Sinn Fein
Membership Card
Sinn Fein' Membership Card' Eight page Booklet' detailing a summary of the Sinn Fein Policy' with Green Card covers. Signed And Dated with Subscription of One Shilling Paid'
Sinn Fein Membership Card Front
Sinn Fein Membership Card Back
Sinn Fein election leaflets
Sinn Fein election leaflets 1 Sinn Fein election leaflets 2
Sinn Fein election leaflets 3
Sinn Fein &  Irish Party Postcards
The Dangaling Carrot Postcard Following In Fathers Footsteps Postcard
Home Rule Postcard Peace Confrence 
The Last Of The Snakes Sinn Fein mis- Goverment
Think of the Pawty John But you Know Mr.Bull you recommended it yourself 
To Freedom  Run Away to your foster Mother Johney
a modern Samson The Spirt lives on in the men of today
party on the rocks Torpedoed
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