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Frongoch internment camp at Frongoch in Merionethshire, Wales was a makeshift place of imprisonment during the First World War. Until 1916 it housed German prisoners of war in an abandoned distillery and crude huts, but in the wake of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, Ireland, the German prisoners were moved and it was used as a place of internment for approximately 1,800 Irish prisoners, among them such notables as Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith. They were accorded the status of prisoners of war. The camp became a fertile seeding ground for the spreading of the revolutionary gospel, with inspired organisers such as Michael Collins giving impromptu lessons in guerrilla tactics. Later the camp became known as the "University of Revolution" or sometimes "Sinn Féin University". The camp was emptied in December 1916
Concentration Camp Frongoch Bala Postcard
The StaffPOW Camp Froongoch N.W.
Frongoch Internment Notice Internment Notice to George Mason

Frongoch Internment Notice Internment

An original cyclostyled notice with typescript details, A4, notifying prisoner George Mason of Dublin of an order under Defence of the Realm regulations, directing that he shall be interned at Frongoch, on ground that he is a member of 'an Organisation called the Irish Volunteers or an organisation called The Citizen Army, which have promoted armed insurrection against His Majesty…’ undated, but 1916.
Frongoch Internment Notice Internment
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