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 Memorabilia from The 1916 Easter Rising, its Prelude and Aftermath.
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Who was actually "out" in Easter Week:
My 1916 Roll of Honour

I have gathered together as many contemporary lists and combined them into a searchable database, if a person is not on ANY of my lists he probably wasn’t there; if he was there he is probably on more than one of the lists.

The data base includes of 16,506 line of information, each starting with a surname. If you a search a surname you will get back a table of that name. If a name is followed by exactly the same data its two different people, different data after the same name may be the same person or different people, that’s up to you to determine.

·         The National Museums' actual "Roll of Honour" including its missing page,

·         The Annville press published (and other web site copied) incomplete, unranked and garrisoned, roll of Honour.

·         Arrests, transfers, detention and release lists from Irish & English Prisons.

·         Frongoch Camp in North Wales "Roll Call"

·         Contributors of Statements, collections, photographs to the Bureau of Military History"

·         The Catholic Bulletin 1916 - 1919 "Easter Week" articles on the killed in Action

·         Court Martial results for May 1916

·         Internment of Bodies in the Dublin Cemeteries

·         Irish Citizen Army “Roll of Honour”

·         Certified roll of members of Headquarters Active Service Units , War of Independence

·         Roll of Honour of Fourth Battalion Dublin Bridge

·         Dublin Castle Special Branch Files


Below are all 3,161 surnames that have 16,506 pieces of data about them

 Use Control+F with your browser to search for different spellings to improve your chances, and enter each option EXACTLY as it is shown below (i.e. O'Dowd with and without a ' and a space etc.)

Abbey Abernathy Abernatty (?Mahernatty) acDonagh Acheson Adams Adams Adrien Agar Agnew Agnew, Ahearn Ahearne Ahern Aherne Aiken Aimes Airy Albert Alexander Allan Allat Alldridge Allen Allman Allwell Aloysius Alton Amigo Amos Anderson Andrews Andrus Angliss Anonymous Appleford Archbold Archer Archibold Armstrong Armstrong-Holmes Arnold Ashe Asquith Athy Atkinson Aughney Augustine Aungier Austin Auxiliaries Aylward Babington Bagallay Bagally Bagley Bagrel Bailey Bailey or Beverley Baker Balch Baley Balfe Balgrife Ball Ballantyne Banim Bank of Ireland Banks Bannim Bannon Bansberry Banting Barker Barks Barnbrick Barnes Barnett Barratt Barrett Barrington Barry Barter Barton Batchelor Bateman Bateson Baxter Bayliss Beagan Bealen Beard Beaslai Beasley Beattie Beaumont Beckett Becton Beggan Beggs Begley Behan Beirne Bell Bellew Belton Benn Bennett Benson Bent Berber Beresford Bergin Berkeley Bermingham Berrill Berry Besant Beston Betler Betteridge Bevan Beverley Bevins Bibby Biggs Billings Bindon Bird Birkenhead Birmingham Birney Birrell Bissett Black Blackhead Blair Blake Blanchfeild Blanchfield Blaney Blayney Blissett Blo Bloxam Blundell Blythe Boast Bobey Boland Bolger Bolland Bolster Bond Bonfield Booker Booth Bootle Bourke Bourman Bourne Bowcott Bowden Bowen Bowen-Colthurst Bower Bowles Bowman Boyce Boyd Boyde Boylan Boyle Boyne Brabazon Bracken Bracken, Brackenbury Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brady Braken Brandish Brandon Braniff Brannif Branniff Brannigan Bratton Brearmach Breathnach Breen Breen Breen, Breene Breenty Brehony Brennan Brennan, Brennan-Whitmore Brennin Brennock Brent Brereton Breslin Brett Brew Brewer Brian Brick Bridgeman Bridges Brien Brind Brindley Briody Briscoe Brittain Broderick Broderick-Nicholson Brogan Brogan (Drogan) Broklebank Brooks Brophy Brosnam Brosnan Brouder Brougham Broughan Broughman Brown Browne Browning Broy Bruce Bruck Brugha Brunell Brunswick Brunton Bryan Buckely Buckingham Buckland Buckle Buckley Bucknill Budd Bulfin Bulfin, Bulfinn Bullaid Bultner Burbage Buren Burgess Burke Burke, Burne Burns Burton Buryne Busby Bushe Bustrock Butler Butterfield Butterly Bynre Byr Byrne Byrne, Byrnes Caddell Cadden Cadets Caffery Caffney Caffrey Cahalane Cahaleen Cahill Cairo Gang Caldwell Callaghan Callan Callanan Callen Callender Callinan Calnan Calton Calvert Cameron Campbell Canning Cannon Canny Cantillion Canton Cantwell Canty Canty (or Casty) Car Carberry Carbery Carboy Carden Cardigan Carew Carey Carley Carmichael Carmody Carney Carolan Carpenter Carr Carr Carragher Carraty Carrick Carrigan Carrigan, Carroll Carron Carson Carter Carthy Cartlidge Carton Carty Casely Casement Casey Cash Cashel Cashin Cashman Casidy Cassells Casserly Cassidy Casty Cathaldus Cathan Cathcart Catlin Caulfield Cavanagh Cawley Ceannt Ceaven Chadwick Challoner Chalmers Chamberlain Chambers Chandler Chaney Chapman Chardyce Charleton Charlton Chartres Chavasse Chevasse Cheve Cheylesmore Chick Childers Chowdhury Christian Christie Church Churchill Cighlan Citizen Army Clancy Clapp Clark Clarke Clayton Clear Cleary Clegg Clements Clery Clifford Clince Clinch Cloonan Clune Co Coade Coady Coakley Coate Coates Cobbald Coburn Cockreill Codlin Cody Coen Coffey Cogan Coghlan Cohalan Colbert Cole Coleman Coleton Colgain Colgan Colivet Colleran Collery Colley Collin Collins Collinson Collis Collohan Colum Colwell Comerford Commander Commerford Commins Commons Compston Compton-Smyth Comyn Conaty Conboy Concannon Condon Condron Coney Conlon Conly Conmore Connaughton Conneely Connell Connelly Conner Conniffe Connole Connolly Connolly Connor Connors Conolly Conroy Conroy [crossed out] Conroy, Considine Constable Conway Cooley Cooling Cooney Cooney O Brein Cooper Cooper [crossed out] Cope Copeland Corbally Corbett Corbin Corcoran Cordial Cordwell Cordy (coady) Coreen Corish Corkerry Corkery Corless Cormer Cornan Cornese Cornish Cornwall Cornwallis Corr Corri Corrigan Corringham Corteen Cosgrave Cosgrove Coskerry Coss Costello Costelloe Costigan Cotter Cotton Coughlan Couley Coulter Counihane Courtney Cowan Cowley Cowling Cox Coxon Coy Coyle Coyle Coyne Crafer Craig Crake Cranwell Craven Craven, Crawford Crawley Cream (Nee Byrne) Crean Creane Creaney Creavin Creedon Creevan Cregan Cregg Creighton Creignan Creman Cremen Cremin Crenegan Crenigan Creswell Crimmins Cripps Cripps, Crmody Crockett Croft Croft, Crofts Croke Cromean Cromian Cromien Cronin Crooks Crothers Crotty Crowe Crowely Crowley Crozier Crummery Crushue Cryan Crystal Cudden Cuff Cuffe Cuffee Culbert Culhane Cullaghan Cullen Culligan Cullinan Cullinane Cumann Cumberton Cumming Cummins Cuniffe Cunnane Cunniff Cunniffe Cunningham Curley Curly Curran Currin Curtain Curtin Curtis Curzon Cusack Cuthbertson Cyran Czira Daffen Daffy Dahill Daley Dalton Daly Daly, Danaher Daniel Daniels Darby Darcey Darcy D'Arcy Dargan Darker Darling Darney Darritt Davenport Davern Davies Davin Davis Davitt Davys Dawson Day de Barra De Bourca de Bruin de Brun de Burca de Coeur De Coeur [crossed out] De Couer de Courcy de Courcy-Wheeler De Lacey de Lacy de Loughrey de Markievicz de Montmorency de Roiste de Stainear de Valera Deasy Deban Decceur Deed Deegan Deely Deene Deere Defence Degan Deignan Delahunty Delamere Delaney Delany Delarue Delemere Delmere Dempsey Denn Dennahy Dennany Dennehy Dennigan Dennis Derham Derhan Dermody Derrick Derrig Derrington Derry Dervin Desborough Desmond Devanby Devane Devaney Devanny Devereaux Devereux Devine Devitt Devlin Devoy Dickson Dieirshsen Dietrichsen Diffley Digby Digman Dignan Dillon Dineen Dinen Divine Dixey Dixon Dobbin Dobbyn Dockeray Dockery Dockrell Dodd Doegan Doggett Doherty Dolan Dold Domican Domincan Dominican Dominick Donaghy Donaghy, Donegan Donelan Donellan Donnallan Donneabhain Donnellan Donnelly Donnelly, Donoghue Donohoe Donohue Donovan Doody Dooge Doolan Dooley Dooris Doorley Doorly Doraan Doran Dore Dore, Dorgan Dorin Doris Dorman Dorney Dorr Dorrins Dorris Dougan Dougherty Doughney Dowling Downes Downey Downing Doyle Doyle [crossed out] Doyle, Drannon Dray Dreeland Drennan Drinnan Driscoll Drohan Drumm Drumm (Drohan?) Drury Dryer Du Bourdien Du Bourdieu Du Bourdiun Dublin Board of Assistance Ducia Duckham Duddy Duff Duffin Duffy Duffy ? Duggan Duhig Duice Duke Dulig Dunbar Duncan Dundon Dune Dunford Dunlea Dunleary Dunleavey Dunleavy Dunlevy Dunn Dunn (or Dunne) Dunne Dunphy Dunsany Dunville Dupree Durham Durr Dwan Dwane Dwyer Dyas Dyass Dyer Dynan Dyne Earl Earle Earley Earls Early Eastwood Edelstein Edgeworth-Johnstone Edmonds Education Edward Edwards Egan Egin Ehlers Eire Eivers Elles Ellett Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellison Elmes Elton Emmet English Ennis Ennis, Enright Enwright Erins Ervine Etchingham Evan Evans Evoy External Affairs Eyre-Maunsell Fagan Fahey Fahy Faller Fallon Fallow Falvey Fanning Faran Farigton Farmer Farmsworth Farnam Farnon Farnworth Faron Farrally Farrell Farrelly Farrelly Farren Farrington Faulkiner Faulkner Favrell Fay Feehan Feeley Feely Feeney Feeny Feery Fegan Fehilly Felon Fenlon Fennell Fenney Fergus Ferguson Ferguson (27) Ferns Ferran Ferris Fetherstone ffrench Mullen Ffrench-Mullen Fielding Figerald Figgis Filey Findley Finegan Finlay Finn Finnegan Finnerty Finnigan Finucane Fisher Fitsimonds Fitzalan Fitzgeral Fitzgerald Fitzgerld Fitzgibbon Fitzharris Fitzhenry Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick Fitzsimmons Fitzsimons Flahert Flaherty Flanagan Flannagan Flannery Flannigan Fleaming Fleming Fleming (Jun) Fleming (Sen) Flemming Flood Fludgate Flynn Fogan Fogarty Folan Foley Foody Foran Forbes Forbes-Redmond Ford Forde Forristal Forster Forth Fortune Foster Fox Foy Foyle Fraher Frahill Frank Franklin Fraser Frawley Freaney Freany Freegrove Freeman Freeney French Frewen Frick Friel Friend Frith Frowley Fryday Fuge Fuggle Fulham Fullam Fuller Fullerton Funge Furlong Fury Gaffikin Gaffney Gaffney Keely Gahan Gahan (Galvin?) Gahin Gallagher Galligan Gallighan Gallogly, Gallon Galvin Galway Gamble Gammon Ganley Ganly Gannon Gantley Gantly Gardiner Garland Garnin Garraghan Garrett Gartland Garvey Garvis Gascoigne Gaskin Gaugh Gaughran Gavan Gavan-Duffy Gavin Gay Gaynor Geary Gegan Geoghan Geoghegan Geraghty Gerathy Gerrard Gervias Gethings Gibbon Gibbons Gibbs Gibney Gibson Giffney Gifford Gilbert Gilchrist Gildea Gilgan Gilhooly Gill Gillgwm Gillies Gilligan Gillighan Gillion Gilmartin Gilroy Gilsenan Giltrap Ginnell Glaister Glancy Glassop Glavey Glavin Gleane Gleeson Glendon Glennon Glover Glynn Goen Goff Goga Gogan Gogan, Gogarty Goggin Golden Golding Gonne Good Good, Goodall Goodwin Gordon Gore-Booth Gorman Gormley Goss Goudie Gough Goulden Goulding Govern Gowan Grace Gradock Gradwell Grady Graffigan Graham Grant Grattan Gray Greagn Grealish Grealy Greaney Greany Greaves Green Greene Greenspon Greenwood Greer Greery Gregan Gregg Gregory Grehan Grenan Grennan Gretton Grey Gribban Gribben Gribbin Grieve Griffen Griffin Griffing Griffith Griffiths Grimley Grogan Gubbins Guckian Guilford Guilfoyle Guiney Gully (also Tully) Gunne Gunnigle Gunning H u rley Hackett Hackett-Pain Haden Hagan Haldane Hales Hall Hallahan Halley Halliday Hallihane Halloran Halpin Hambledon Hamill Hamilton Hammill Hammond Hamptom hampton Hanbury Hand Handley Hands Haniffy Hanley Hanlon Hanly Hanna Hanney Hanniffy Hannigan Hannon Hannon [crossed out] Hanrahan Hanratty Hansberry Hanvey Haran Harbison Harborne harbourne Hardiman Hardimas Harding Hardinge Hardy Hardy' Hare Hargaden Harkin Harling Harman Harmon Harnett Harney Harold Harper Harpur Harrell Harrin Harrington Harris Harris, Harrison Hart Harte Hartley Hartnett Hartney Harty Harvey Hasett Haskin Haskins Hassett Hastings Hathaway Haugh Haverty Hawes Hawken Hawkins Hawley Hawthorne Hayden Hayes Hayter Hayton Head Headland Healey Healy Heaney Heanue Heard Hearn Hearne Hearty Heary Heavey Heber Hedley Heduvan Heely Heeney Heery Heffernan Heffren Hegarty Hehir Hehoe Henaghan Henderson Henderson, Hendley Hendreson Hendrick Hendrict Henegan Heneha Henehan Henlon Hennessey Hennessy Henry Hensy Heppell-Marr Heraty Herlihy Heron Herrod Herty Heslin Hessin Hession Hesterman Hetherington Heuston Hevey Hevry Hewart hewett Hewitt Hewson Hickey Hicks Higgins Higginson Hill Hillery Hilliard Hillyer Hilton Hinch Hitchcock Hitzen Hoare Hoban Hobbs Hobson Hockdorfer Hodgkinson Hodnett Hodson Hoey Hoffman Hogan Holbroke Holbrook Holden Holland Holland (Hailington) Holland (Haloran) Holloway Holman Holmes Holohan Holton Hoolan Hooper-Jones Hopkins Hopper Hopran Horan Horgan Horlacher Horn Horst Hosey Hosty Hotblack Hough Houghton Houlihan Hourihan Hourihane Houston Howard Howe Howett Howlett Howley Howrd Hoyle Huckerberry Hudson Hughes Hugo Humphreys Humphries Hunston Hunt Hunter Hunter, Hurley Hurton Hussey Hutchin Hutchinson Hyde Hyland Hyman Hynch Hynes Hynes Ibberson Igoe Gang' Inglis Ingoldsby Inskipp Intelligence Section IRA Officers Irish Republican Army Irish Republican Brotherhood Irish Volunteers Irvine Irwin Isaaca Ivers Ivors Jackman Jackson Jacob Jaffe James Jameson Jameson' Jays Jeffares Jeffs Jenkinson Jennings Jessop Jevins Jobbert Jocelyn John Johnson Johnston Johnstone Jolly Jones Jordan Jordison Jordon Jourdan Joyce Joze Judge Kain Kane Kans Kavanagh Kavanagh, Keady Kealy Keane Keanna Kearnes Kearney Kearns Kearny Keating Keaveney Keeffe Keegan Keeling Keely Keenan Keene Keenen Keenin Keenlyside Kehoe Keighery Keighney Keirse Keirwin Kellahen Kelleher Kelleper Keller Kellerker Kelley Kelliher Kelly Kelly (Commander) Kelly Barber Kelly, Kelly-Mor Kelly's Kempson Kenna Kennan Kennealy Kennedy Kennelly Kenny Kenny, Kenny,  Kent Kenward Kenworthy Kenyon Keoggh Keogh Keohane Kerford Kerin Kerins Kerney Kerr Kerr (Carr) Kerrigan Kerwan Kerwin Ketterick Kettle Keville Keyes Keys Kickey Kidd-Davis Kiely Kiely, Kieran Kiernan Kilbride Kilcoyne Kildea Kilgallen Kilgallon Kilgariff Kilkelly Kilkenny Killalea Killaloe Murders Killeen Killian Killoury Kilmartin Kilmarton Kilroy Kinery King Kingarroff Kingston Kiniry Kinnane Kinsella Kirkwood Kirwan Kirwin Kissane Kitchen Klingner Knight Knightly Knowles Knox Koss Kyne Lacey Laden Laffan Lafferty Laffey Lahiff Laide Laird [crossed out] Laithwaite Lake Lallor Lally Laloor Lalor Lalwess Lamb Lambe Lambert Lambo Lamgare Lane Lang Langford Langley Lanigan Lannin Larden Lardner Largan Larkin Larrisssey Latimer Latymer Laughlin Laurence Lavelle Lavin Law Law Society of Ireland Lawder Lawerence Lawler Lawless Lawlor Lawson Layden Laylor Layng Le Strange Leahy Leahy, Lear Leatham Leaver Leavy Leddy Leddy? Ledlie Ledwith Ledwith Lee Leech Leen Leeson Leggett Leggitt Lehane Lehey Leigh Lemas Lemass Lendrum Lenehan Lennon Lennon (19) Lenord Leo Leonard Levins Liddy Liffiroi Lilis Lillis Limerick Lindsay Linehan Linnane Liston Litchfield Little LittleTommy' Llewellyn Lloyd George Lodge Logan Logue Lohan Lonergan Long Lonsdale Looby Looney Lordan Lorton Losty Lougheed Loughery Loughley Loughlin Loughnane Loughran Loughrey Love Lowe Lowndes Lucas Lucey Luckie Lucy Luite Luke Luke (or Juke) Lumley Lundy Lygg(?) Lyman Lynam Lynch Lynch B.A. Lynch, Lyndon Lyng Lynn Lynskey Lyon Lyons Lysham Mac ? Mac an Bhaird Mac Domhnaill Mac Eoin Mac Giolla Bhridge Mac Giollaphol Mac Neilus Mac Uinseann MacAllastair MacAmhalgaidh Macan Bhaird MacAodha Macardle MacArthur MacAuley MacBride MacCamhthaoil MacCarthy MacCarvile MacCarvill MacConaill MacConastair MacCormack MacCraic MacCraich MacCurtain MacDaibhis MacDermott MacDiarmada MacDiarmuid MacDonagh MacDonald MacDonnell MacDonough MacDowell MacElroy MacEntee MacEntee, MacGarry MacGhaill MacGinley MacGough MacGrath MacGuire MacKay Macken Macken, MacKeon Mackery Mackesy Mackey Mackin MacLaughlin MacLean MacMackin MacMahon MacManus MacMeachtaigh MacMearmar MacMullen MacNamara MacNeill MacNeive MacNiell Macpherson Macready MacRuadhri MacRuairi MacSharry MacSwiney Madden Madderly Maddock Maddox Madell Madhey Madigan Magee Maghar Magnier Maguinness Maguire Magure Magurie Maher Mahon Mahoney Mahony Maire Mairé Makanaltis Makipaltis Malin Malinn Mallen Mallin M'Allister Mallon Malloy Malone Maloney Malony Manahan Mangan Mangin Manley Mannering Mannering Manning Mannion Mannix Mansfield Mapotar Mapother Mardley Mardock Marie Marié Markey Markham Markhan Markievicz Marks Maron Marren Marriana Marron Marshall Martin Martin Sec. Mason Masterson Mathewa Mathews Matthew Matthews Maudslay Maunsell Maxwell May Mayberry M'Bride Mc an Boird Mc Siublaigh M'Cabe McAlduff McAleese McAlister McAlliffe McAllister McAneaney McAnerney M'Cann McArdle McArt McArten M'Carthy M'Cartney McAteer McAuliffe McAulliffe McBride McBrien McCabe McCable McCaffrey McCaibe McCall McCalmont McCan McCann McCannon McCarron McCarry McCartan McCarten McCarthy McCarthy McCartin McCartney McCaughey McCauley McClean McCleane McClelland McCline McCluskey McConnell McConville McCorley McCormack McCormick McCoy McCrann McCrave McCrea McCrea, McCreery McCreesh McCrory McCroy McCullagh McCullough McCurran McCurtain McCurtin McDermott McDonagh McDonald McDonnell McDonnell Bodkin McDonough McDowell McDunphy McEffoy McElduff McElgunn McElhaw McElhill McElligott McElligott, McEllistrim McElroy McElvery McElvogue McEnery McEnright McEntagart McEntee McEntyre McEvatt McEver McEvilly McEvitt McEvoy McFadden McFadeen McFeely McGahey McGaley McGallogley McGallogly McGallogy McGann McGarrigle McGarrity McGarry McGavan McGee McGeehin McGeogh McGettigan McGigne McGill McGinley McGinn McGinty McGiol McGleenan McGloughli McGlure McGlynn McGoldrick McGonnell McGowan McGowan, McGrane McGrath McGrave McGreal McGuckin McGuill McGuinness McGuire McGuirk McGurk McGurl McHale McHugh McInerney McInery McIntosh McIntyre McKay McKee McKeever McKelvey McKenna McKeon McKeown McKingney McKinnon M'Clane McLaughlin McLauglin McLean M'Clean McLoughlin McLoughlin, McLysaght McMacken McMahon McManus McManus ? McMeel McMenarigh McMonagle McMullen McNabb McNally McNamara McNamee McNeice McNeill McNeillis McNeive, McNestry McNieve McNiven McNulty McNutly M'Cormack M'Cormick McParland McPartland McPartlin McQuaid McQuaile McQuill McQuillan McRowe McSerrny McShea McSweeney McSwiggin McSwiney McTaggart McTeggart McTigue McVaigh McVeagh McWalter McWhinney M'Dermott M'Dernott M'Donagh M'Donald M'Donangh M'Donnell M'Donnell (M'Donald) M'Dowell Mead Meade Meade Meagher Meaney Meany Mee Meegan Meehan Meekin Meerwald Mehan Mehigan Meldon Melia (20) Melinn M'Elligott Mellowes Mellows Melody M'Entee Meredith Meriman Merlahan Mernin Meron or Merna M'Erratt Merrigan Merriman Mervyn M'Evoy M'Galey M'Garry M'Gill M'Ginley M'Ginn M'Gloughlin M'Glynn M'Gowan M'Grane M'Grath M'Guire Mhic Ruidig M'Hugh Midleton Milan Miles Millar Miller Milligan Milling Mills Milroy Minahan Minchin Minehan M'Inerney Minihan Mitchel Mitchell Miurphy M'Kane M'Keag (M'Kerg) M'Kee M'Kenna M'Keog M'Keon M'Killop M'Laughlin M'Linn M'Loughlin M'Mahon M'Manus M'Nally M'Namara M'Neive Moane Molcady Mollaghan Molloy Molone Moloney Molony Monaghan Monahan Monds Monks Montagu Monteagle Monteith Montgomery Mooney Moore Moran Moran, Moreland Morgan Moriarty Morin Morkan Morley Moroney Morriman Morris Morris Morrisey Morrison Morrissey Morrissy Mortished Morton Motherway Moy Moylan Moylett Moynihan M'Quade M'Quaid M'Quillan Muggins Muir Mulcahy Mulchinock Muldowney Mulen Mulhern Mulholland Mulkearns Mullally Mullaly Mullan Mullane Mullany Mullen Mullhall Mulligan Mullin Mullins Mullkerns Mullooly Mulloy Mulraney Mulrenan Mulrooney Mulroy Mulroyan Mulryan Mulvey Mulvihill Mulvoy Mundow Munnelly Munro Munroe Munster Muphy Murane Murnanae Murnane Murohy Murphy Murphy, Murragh Murray Murray, Murren Murrin Murtagh Murtagh (?Morton) Musgrave M'Veigh Myers Myles Nagle Naighran Napoli-McKenna Nash Nathan National Library of Ireland National Museum Of Ireland Nationality Naughter Naughton Navin Neacy Neal Neale, Nealon Neary Neasey Neasly Neazor Necy Needham Neenan Neeson Neeson Neil Neilan Neilan Neill Neligan Nelly Nelson Nestor Neville Nevin Newall Newbury Newell Newland Newman Newsome Neyland Neylon Ni Ainle Ni Bhriain Ni Briain Ni Brian Ni Dhubhgaill Ni Dhubhtaigh Ni Foghludha Ni Lochlainn Ni Rian Ni Rianin Nic Alastair Nic Siubhlaigh Nicholls Nichols Nielan Nixon Noctor Nogan Nohilly Nolan Nolan Noonan Noone Norgrove Norrie Norries Norris Norton Norway Nowlan Noyk Nugent Nunan Nutley Nyhan O Baoighill O Beire O Beolain O Bhaonain O Borke O Boyle O Braonain O Breirne O Brennan O Breslin O Briain O Brian O Brien O Brion O Broin O Brolchain O Bryan O Bryrne O Buachalla O Byren O Byrne O Cahill O Caholl O Callaghan O Canain O Caoimh O Caomhanaigh O Caomhanaighe O Carroll O Carroll O Carroll, O Casaigh O Cathalain O Ceallachain O Ceallaig O Ceallaigh O Cearbhail O Cearbhaill O Cearnaigh O Chonchuir O Ciardubhain O Coffey O Conaill O Conallan O Concubair O Conlon O Connell O Connor O Connor Cox O Connor, O Conor O Corcoran O Corrigan O Cortain O Cuibre O Cuill O Dallaigh O Daly O Dea O Discoll O Doherty O Donaghue O Donegan O Donel O Donnabhain O Donnchadha O Donnell O Donoghue O Donohue O Donovan O Dowd O Driscoll O Droighneain O Druichada O Dubhda O Duffy O Duinn O Dwyer O Dyer O Dywer O Fahy O Farrell O Farrelly O Fathaigh O Flaherty O Flanagan O Florbheartaigh O Flynn O Foghladha O Foghludha O Friel O Gara O Geary O Gorman O Grady O Greargain O Hagain O Hagan O Halloran O Hanlon O Hannigan O Hanrahan O Hanrahan O Reilly O Hara O Hare O Hegarty O Hehir O Herlihy O Higgins O Honohan O Hora O Hourican O Hourihane O Kane O Keefe O Keeffe O Keeffe, O Keegan O Kelly O Kelly de Gallagh O Kelly, O Kennedy O Kiely O Leannain O Leary O Leroin O Lochlainn O Lochlann O Loingsigh O Loinsigh O Loughlin O Loughlin, O Madden O Mahoney O Mahony O Maille O Malley O' Malley O Maoilfinn O Mara O Meadra O Meara O Moore O Mordha O Morray O Muineachain O Muiri O Muirthile O Mullane O Murain O Murchadha O Murchu O Naherty O Neal O Neiil O Neill O Neill, O Niell O Norton O Nuallain O Nuillean O Nunain O Rafferty O Rahilly O Raogain O Reagain O Reardan O Reardon O Regan O Reilly O' Reilly O Reilly O Reilly, O Reily O Riain O Rielly O Riordain O Riordan O Rogain O Rorke O Rourke O' Rourke O Ruairc O Ryan O Scolaige O Scollaighe O Seary O Shannon O Shaughnessy O Shea O' Shea O Shee O Sheil O Shiel O Siochfhradha O Snodaigh O Sullivan O' Sullivan O Sullivan, O Toole O Torma O Treacy O;Rourke Oates O'Brien O'connor O'Donoghue O'Flynn Oglesby O'hAnnagain O'hAnnrachain O'h-Annrachain O'hAodh OhAodha O'hAodha O'hAosha O'hEadamhain O'h-Eidin O'hEigeartaigh O'h-Ighne O'hUallachain O'Keeffe O'Leary Oliver olloy Oman O'Neill O'Reilly Ormond O'Rourke Osborne Osbourne OShea O'Shea O'Sullivan O'tathainsan Owens Page Pairceir Pankhurst Paora Parker Parle Parnell Parsons Partridge Passes, British Military Patey Patterson Paul Pearce Pearle Pearse Pearson Peate Pedlar Peek Peel' Peelo Peggs Pelican Pender Pentony Peppard Perceval Percival Perolz Perrier Perry Petersen Pettigrue Phelan Phibbs Phillips Picker Pierce Piggett Piggot Piggott Pilkington Pinfield Pinkman Plunkett Pokorny Pollard Ponder Poole Poole, Porter Portley Potter Pouch Pounch Powell Power Power Prendergast Prenderville Prendiville Price Pringle Prone Pucell Pugh Punch Purcell Purfield Purser Quaine Quigley Quill Quilty Quin Quinlan Quinlisk Quinn Quirke Rabbitte Radbonrae Rafferty Raffley Rafter Raftis Ralph Ramsay Ramsbottom Rankin Rat Ratcliffe Rath Raul Rawley Ray Reader Reader, Rearden Reardon Reddin Redding Reddington Reddy redican Redmond Reeves Regan Reichenbach Reid Reid, Reidy Reilly Reilly, Reinemer Reinhardt Rennie Retz Revelle Reynolds Reynolfs Ribton Rice Richards Richardson Richmond Rickand Rickard Ridgeway Ridgeway, Ridgway Riehle Rigley Rigney Riley Ring Ring, Ringdkopf Rioedan Riordan Rippendale Ripton Roach Roache Robbins Robert Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Robinson, Rocarter Roche Roche (de Roiste Rochford Rock Rodgers Roe Rogan Rogers Rohan Rohn Ronan Ronayne Ronghan Rooney Roper Rosborough Roshine Rosney Ross Rossiter Roth Roughan Rourke Rowan Rowe Rowley Rowman Rownan Royanae Royce Roynane Ruane Ruddy Rudy Ruffley Rundle Rungien Russell Russell, Ruth Rutledge Ruttle Ruttledge Ryan Ryan Ryan, Ryder Ryle Rynne Sadlier Sainsbury Sally Salmon Sammol Sammon Sandbach Sanders Sandy Sargeant Sargent Satchwell Saul Saunders Saurin Saurin, Savage Savage, Saville Scallan Scallon Scally Scanlon Scanlon, Scannell Scarlett Schelly Schmutz Schweppe Scissors and Paste Scollan Scott Scullen Scullin Scully Seafield Seale Seamus Sears Seary Seaver Seavers Seery Selby Serry Server Seville Sexton Sexton Shalloe Shalloo Shally Shanagher Shanahan Shanaharan Shane Shanley Shannon Sharkey Shaughnessey Shaughnessy Shaw Shea Sheahan Shee Sheehan Sheehy Sheehy Skeffington Sheehy-Skeffington Sheely Sheerin Sheilds Sheils Sheils (?Sheeln) Shelly Shelster Shepherd Sheppard Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherrin Sherry Sherwin Sherwood Shiel Shields Shields, Shiels Short Shortall Shorter Shorthall Shortis Shortt Shouldice Sibley Siddiki Sieman Siin Fein Funds Case Papers Silk Silke Silver Simmons Simon Simons Simpson Sinn Fein Sinnott Siocfradha ("An Seabhach") Sirgerson Sisk Sister of Mercy Siupteal Skeath Skeffington Skeils Skinner Skinnider Slack Slane Slater Slattery Slemin Slemon Slevin Sligo Sliney Sloan Small Smart Smith Smullen Smuts Smyth Smyth-Brice Smythe Snoddy Somer Somerley Somerly Somers Somerville Soohan Souchon Soughley Southwell Soye Spackman Spain Speed Spellman Spicer Spillane Spindler Spollen Spooner Spriggs Spring Spring-Rice Squad' Squibbs Sreehan Ssupple St Clair St John's Ambulance Brigade of Ireland Stack Stafford Stafford Brooks Staines Stains, Stamford Stanford Stanley Stanley, Stanton Stapleton Starr Staunton Staves Steinberger Steinhard Steinmayer Steinmayer, Stenning Stephens Stephenson Stephenson, Sterland Stevenson Steward Stewart Steynes Stillman Stodart Stoke Stokes Stolberg Storey Stratford (?) Strickland Stritch Stuart Stubbs Stucton Studert Styles Stynes Sugrun Sullivan Sullivan (Sergeant) Summers Sunderland Supple Sutton Swan Swan, Swann Swanzy Sweeney Sweeney, Sweeny Sweetman Sylver Synnot Synnott Synott Taaffe Tahan Talbot Tallon Tally Talon, Talton Talty Tangney Tanna Tannam Tannam, Tanner Tanniam Tanning Tansey Taoiseach,Dept Of Tapley Tarpey Tate Taylor Teehan Teeling Telford Tempest Tennant Tevercuse Thackaberry The Kerryman' Thomas Thomasiana Thompson Thornton Thornton, Thorpe Thorton Thorton (nee Lyons) Thunder Tierney Timbrenan Timmins Timmons Timony Tisdell Tobain Toban Tobin Togher Tolan Tomkins Tomney Toogood Toole Toomey Tormey Tottenham Tracey Tracy Trahey Travers Trayers Trayner Traynor Treacy Treanor Treling Trell Treston Trevor Trimble Trodden Troy Troy Tudor Tuite Tuke Tulley Tully Tumbleton Tummon Tumpleton Tunney Tunnicliffe Tunny Tuohy Turmley Turner Turner, Twamley Twamley, Tweedy Twelve Apostles' Twinem Twohig Twomey Tyler Tynan Tyrell Tyrrall Tyrrell Ua Buachalla Ua Cathalain Ua Conaibhail Ua Droighneain Ua Floinn Ua Mairchada Ua Maoilfinn Ua Nunain Ui Chonaill Ui Chonnaill Ui Chonnallan Ui Conaill Ui Dalaigh Ui Donnchadha (nee Sheila Humphries) Ui Faoithe Ui Glassam Upton Vale Valentine Vane Vantreen Vaughan Vaughan's Hotel Vauston Veale Venables Venerables Vicars Victory Vize Volunteer - Membership Cards Von Igel Wade Wafer Wainright Waldron Walford Walker Wall Wallace Waller Walpole Walsh Walsh, Walshe Walter Walters Walton Wan Warbrook Warburton Ward Wardick Wardock Warham Warmington Warner Warnes Warpole, Warren Warwick wash Washington Watchorn Water Waters Watkins Watson Watters Watts Weafer Webb Webster Wedick Weekes Weir Welch Weldon Welsh Wenny West Weston Wharton Wheatley Wheelan Whelan Whelehan Whichelow White White, Whiteheard Whiteman Whitley Whitmore Whittle Whitty Whooley Whyte Wickham Wiggins Wilcox Wilde Wildon Wilkins Wilkinson Will Williams Willis Wills Wilson Wimborne Windram Windrum Winstanley Winter Winters Wisely Wiseman Wlson Woard Woodcock Woods Woodward Wordsworth Worswick Worth Worthington-Evans Wren Wright Wylie Wynne Wyse Wyse-Power Yeats Young
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