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Welcome to my web site detailing
 Memorabilia from The 1916 Easter Rising, its Prelude and Aftermath.
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1916 ,War Of Independence  Irish Comrac set Commerative Armband 1935 Cumann na mBann Badge The Easter Rising of 1916, it's Medals & Rebellion Memorabilia
Service and Survivors Named War Of Independence Box Minitature Set This site is a collection of non-unique items associated with Easter Week its prelude and aftermath

1916 Roll of Honour

A spin off from my collecting, became an attempt to find an accurate roll of Honour.
The 1916 Roll of Honour assembled by the National Museum some years after the Rising is regarded as the definitive record. This record was printed in hard copy by Anvil Press and is the source of most lists available on the web . It is however flawed in my opinion

the “Anvil Roll” admits it does not include the provincial participants. There are 3 full garrisons missing.

Secondly a full page from one garrison was accidently omitted by the author, leaving 57 signatures’ now missing from all on line lists

Thirdly the original contains rank and unit for many signatures’ plus a deceased indication for those who were added posthumously, this is not in the published copy.

Finally, transcribing the signatures is not guaranteed accurate science. Below are two important signatures, in James Connelly’s personal secretary Winifred Carney & Kathleen Florence Lynn the chief medical officer to the Irish Citizen Army.

In both cases they have been added incorrectly in the “Anvil Roll” and thus in online copies.

Winifred Carney recorded incorrectly as Winifred Conway

Kathleen Florence Lynn recorded incorrectly as Kathleen Flynn
My list has the first three issues corrected and I believe a better attempt made at the fourth

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